Nice restored tractor out of our collections. Purchased from Bill Krumwiede back in the 90's. Nice original fenders, good radiator with no leaks. Starts and runs well. Canadian tractor. $33,500.
Rumely 12-20 model K
John Deere D full steel
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Engine is loose. Very complete original tractor. Serial number 13367.
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Allgaier R-22
 The Allgaier R22 model was built from 1949 to 1952 by Allgaier in Uhingen, Germany and is a 22 hp single diesel cylinder tractor. Allgaier was taken over by Porsche. This is one of just a few that have been imported into the US. Starts and runs excellent. Comes with original starting wicks and generator.

Tractors For Sale

Timeless Iron, LLC

We are the third owner of this nice original tractor. New radiator tanks and tubes, new vales and valve seats. Most of the original paint is still evident on the tractor. One of the most original tractors we've seen. Starts and runs excellent. 40-50 hours on the tractor since the rebuild.
 25-50 Avery with Original Plow